Meet Craig

Metro One Bail Bonds’ owner, Craig Stephenson, was born in Palmdale and raised in Sacramento, California. He became a licensed California Bail Bondsman when he launched his first bail bond business in 1986. Craig is well known to and highly respected by courts, jails, attorneys, and judges throughout the state. Craig has been a featured fugitive recovery agent on the TV program America’s Most Wanted.


Beles Law Group

Metro One’s service is incomparable with anyone else. They are able to cut rates and set up payment plans for people that other companies don’t. Craig and the Metro One family are amazing; the best bail bonds company we’ve ever used.

Pier 5 Law Group

When you find someone that is so on top of it, that exudes excellence, there is no reason to go anywhere else. I really enjoy working with Metro One; they have never let me down.

Law Office of Thomas A. Johnson

Craig Stephenson is very patient and comforting. Craig makes the process go easier and makes the experience with my client less stressful because I know the job is done when they call Metro One.

Law Offices of David Dratman

Metro One works in tandem with the attorneys as soon as a new case comes in. Regardless of the county, they will contact the jails, show up in court, and are always dependable.

What We Do

Consider your client’s bail bond needs taken care of with the help of our licensed professionals. We offer unmatched pricing and negotiable terms for our expedient bail bond services.

Our Process

Our experienced bail bonds agents will assist your client in paying their bail if they have an arrest or bench warrant. We will provide the needed information to the proper authorities so that we can arrange to post a bond before surrendering. This allows your client to be released as quickly as possible.

We will guide the arrested individuals through the entire court process and reassure them the situation is under control. After all the necessary paperwork, we will get them out of police custody quickly and ensure that they attend their trial by issuing them reminders for their court appearances.

Some cases, such as misdemeanor and traffic charges, will not cost anything. We assist your client as a free community service and accompany them to the Sheriffs’ Department to secure their release with just a signature.

Metro One Bail Bonds Is a Local Business

We are committed to providing professional service because it’s not just our business at stake — it’s our reputation.